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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Progress Strides Forward!

It's alive! Ahahaha!, writes Science correspondent Mycroft Ogilvy, pictured left. And they said it could never be done! They said I was mad! I, mad? Ahahaha!

Those blinkered fools tried to stop me, but today, I have taken the brain of my dead comrade Techmarine Isembard and installed it in the metal shell of a dreadnought! All night I laboured, wiping sweat from my goggles, my tool flashing in the light of the thunderstorm, rain hammering at my tesla coils. And now, he strides forth to do battle with all who oppose the Empire - to smite our foes with his gatling cannon and mighty fist!

Isembard left the plans behind, you see, when he died in that unfortunate accident. It was only Apothecary Moreau and I who knew his true destiny. Behold how he towers over Inquisitor Alice.

Strong, bold, steamy! With such creations we shall take over the galaxy! And to think they said I was demented. Some people, eh?

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Villainy, both Brutish and Alluring

Here we see two aliens: sworn enemies, yet united in their opposition to propriety.

Below, on the left, is a borish Ork warlord. Observe, if you will, the reclining forehead of the habitual thug, the utter lack of bearing and the scores of skulls he caries - taken, we can only hope, from foreigners. None but a fool would fail to recognise this coarse space-oaf as an enemy of decent folk everywhere, and no fellow of pluck would hesitate to teach him a stern lesson with sabre and carbine.

Yet what of this second figure? What red-blooded chap would not be favourably disposed towards the maiden we see here, with her pleasing figure, long tresses and enormous pair of antlers on display? Beware, young men of the Imperium, for this is no normal flower of girlhood: this is an Eldar, a fey alien.

Indeed, the lure of the exodites speaks to many hearty lads. But you're better off with Mabel back at home, chaps: she may be less exotic, but she's not waving a sickle on top of a pile of skulls. Many is the man who has fallen into the clutches of the fey and been found wandering on the forest edge - spent in body and spirit, his vigour entirely drained, his broad smile an indication of the madness he has endured at the hands of a legion of wanton succubi. Let this be a warning, then: wallop the Orks, avoid strange fillies and follow the Upward Path.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Remarkable Alien Construction

Below we are pleased to present to you, the reader, the first pictures of a remarkable structure recovered from a downed alien space-ship of unknown origin.


The craft was located when a supply shuttle passing the barren world of Nova Caledonia noticed a crashed vessel emitting a distress signal and generally making a fuss. The vast, apparently fossilised object was discovered inside. Sharp-eyed readers will note that it appears to be made entirely of phlegm, a common practice amongst alien beings which accounts for the shoddiness of much of their technology compared to proper stuff.


The cause of death of the alien being operating the device - thought by scientists to be a form of Tyranid - has not been established. It is possible that its demise can be attributed to either Vapours or self-abuse, both of which are invariably fatal.

The structure is on public view in the Hall of Brusquely-Acquired Antiquities in the Museum of Ald Landantarn.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Chuffing Marvel of the Modern Age

Good sorts everywhere will be pleased to know that the Sons of Empire use a wide range of motorised vehicles in their ceaseless fight against tyranny and rumness. Here, photographed against a verdant background, we see a splendid "Rhinoceros" light landship, used to swiftly convey a contingent of fine soldiery into the heart of battle. Equipped with superior armour and a mighty ram, this fine machine will surely strike fear into the hearts of wrongdoers everywhere.

Here is a second image, which you may care to frame and place on the mantelpiece in order to delight and amuse the little ones.

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You there!

Yes, you! Stop that nonsense and pay attention!

That's better. Stand up straight, man.

What's all this about, you're probably wondering. Well, this here is the only and hence official weblog of the Sons of Empire, Warhammer 40,000's Victorian legion. Thanks to new advances in scientific thought and the Verno-Wells electromagnetogram, it is now possible to bring to you pictures of the mighty Victorian legion as they prepare to civilise the dark corners of the galaxy. No more need the infants and womanhood of the Imperium be defenceless against Johnny Chaos and rum alien types, for the Sons of Empire stand ready!

Seen below is Marine Carruthers, enjoying a cup of tea before showing some sort of disreputable Mars-man the business end of his bolt carbine. Good fellow.

In our later installments, we hope to bring you further inspiring images of virtue at the edges of the ether. Until our next episode, carry on.

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