Sons of Empire!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Progress Strides Forward!

It's alive! Ahahaha!, writes Science correspondent Mycroft Ogilvy, pictured left. And they said it could never be done! They said I was mad! I, mad? Ahahaha!

Those blinkered fools tried to stop me, but today, I have taken the brain of my dead comrade Techmarine Isembard and installed it in the metal shell of a dreadnought! All night I laboured, wiping sweat from my goggles, my tool flashing in the light of the thunderstorm, rain hammering at my tesla coils. And now, he strides forth to do battle with all who oppose the Empire - to smite our foes with his gatling cannon and mighty fist!

Isembard left the plans behind, you see, when he died in that unfortunate accident. It was only Apothecary Moreau and I who knew his true destiny. Behold how he towers over Inquisitor Alice.

Strong, bold, steamy! With such creations we shall take over the galaxy! And to think they said I was demented. Some people, eh?

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