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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Remarkable Alien Construction

Below we are pleased to present to you, the reader, the first pictures of a remarkable structure recovered from a downed alien space-ship of unknown origin.


The craft was located when a supply shuttle passing the barren world of Nova Caledonia noticed a crashed vessel emitting a distress signal and generally making a fuss. The vast, apparently fossilised object was discovered inside. Sharp-eyed readers will note that it appears to be made entirely of phlegm, a common practice amongst alien beings which accounts for the shoddiness of much of their technology compared to proper stuff.


The cause of death of the alien being operating the device - thought by scientists to be a form of Tyranid - has not been established. It is possible that its demise can be attributed to either Vapours or self-abuse, both of which are invariably fatal.

The structure is on public view in the Hall of Brusquely-Acquired Antiquities in the Museum of Ald Landantarn.

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