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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Salt of the Earth working types.

“The poor? Huh! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again!”

Such thoughts, no doubt, will have crossed the mind of many a genteel reader as he observes the working classes indulging in their natural habits of shirking, lewdness and consuming cheap gin. (If you are not genteel, then get back to work, you idling scrounger.) Actually, as anyone who’s visited the docks looking to “trade” with sailors or “buy flowers” from a “flower girl” knows, the common folk can come in quite handy. Still, the general perception is that they smell because they're lazy, and quite right too.

A refreshing surprise, then, to visit the forges of the Sons of Empire. In our last missive, our science correspondent remarked on the vast new Dreadnought Isembard: responsible for the construction were technical servitors like the fellow on the left: doughty, hard-working labourers fond of steel, rivets and tutting.

These chaps live entirely within the forges, and their conveniently narrow gene-pool has made them as strong as you or I, yet small enough to fit into places where a child or disposable robot would normally have to be used. Their skill in engineering has enabled them to devise many instruments of war, with which to take civilisation to our enemies, and to assist the Chapter's techmarines on the battlefield, carrying out running repairs and giving foreign types a bit of boot leather where required.

The use of these stout fellows is merely another instance of progress improving the lot of all. Despite having their own union and grumbling when they don't get enough tea, these are loyal subjects, eager to defend the Empire and press on against the forces of darkness in our perpetual quest to drag mankind into the future! Carry on, working chappie!

"A raise? What do you mean, you want a raise?"

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