Sons of Empire!

An informative Pictograph concerning chiefly Warhammer 40,000's Legion of Illustrious Space Victorians! (Warning: Also contains divers depictions of Johnny Alien and criminal foreigners of varying sorts. Serious risk of fainting for ladies and the mentally infirm.)

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Salvos of Steam!

After a brief trip away to take the waters and have his choler ventilated, your narrator is pleased to rejoin you once again in order to reveal yet another miracle of our electric age.

We cannot profess any particular expertise in the design of his Majesty's landships, but it seems clear that armour + cannons + big chimneys can only equate to glorious success and the enlargement of the Empire. Consequentially we predict only glory for the mighty instrument reproduced below: the "Whirlwind" self-propelled multiple cannonet.

The large steam chimneys enable it to be spotted from afar, filling the devious heart of Johnny Alien with fear before combat begins. The rack of light artillery-pieces mounted on the roof enable closely-packed hordes of gibbering infantry to be civilised en masse before they have the chance to close and do any funny business with their primitive weaponry. All that's currently missing from this fine machine is a selection of captured aliens stuck to the front.

Those readers particularly enamoured of armoured vehicles will be pleased to note that the entire Sons of Empire landship collection is now available as a series of cigarette cards available in packs of Stalwart filter-tips, price 2 bob. These make an ideal present for any red-blooded boy, and the cards are quite pleasant too.

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