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An informative Pictograph concerning chiefly Warhammer 40,000's Legion of Illustrious Space Victorians! (Warning: Also contains divers depictions of Johnny Alien and criminal foreigners of varying sorts. Serious risk of fainting for ladies and the mentally infirm.)

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Johnny Alien sighted!

We are pleased to be the first to announce the glimpsing of a new and apparently sentient form of life on Woking 4. The being we see to the right was photoscoped by our intrepid wildlife correspondent, Hadley Rickshaw, who intends to kill it and have it stuffed at the first opportunity.

We will provide updates as to this fascinating race as soon as possible. In the meantime, the Imperial Space Fleet stands ready to civilise them all.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

It lives! Again!

Once again, our Science correspondent, Mycroft Ogilvy, writes the following - or, rather, raves it through an enormous metal funnel:

"Unlike others in this dark and forbidding age, the Sons of Empire believe firmly in the progress that technology brings. This means that a soldier can rely on bigger guns to wield and, should he fall, more enthusiastic and innovative surgeons to stitch him back together, usually during a thunderstorm.

"Take for instance marines Cartwright, Smedley and Hawkins. Hit by a plasma cannon, they were scattered so throughly as to form one jumbled pile. But did this deter our surgeons? Not one jot! Using gumption, pluck and string, Apothecary Moreau was able to amalgamate the best bits of the three bold fellows and create one superlative whole, as the pictograph shows, ennervating him with a blast of electricity through the tesla coils. So keen was the resulting creature to get back to battle that it punched through the laboratory wall and assaulted three technicians on the way out.

"So, citizens, fear not. Should an enemy injure you, Science will be there to make amends to you. Or amendments. A little off the top, Sir?"

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