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An informative Pictograph concerning chiefly Warhammer 40,000's Legion of Illustrious Space Victorians! (Warning: Also contains divers depictions of Johnny Alien and criminal foreigners of varying sorts. Serious risk of fainting for ladies and the mentally infirm.)

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Death from Below!

Once again, it is time for the galaxy's foremost space-Victorian-related weblog. After a brief hiatus during which the editorial staff were busy with gin, floozies and laudanum, we can return to our symposium and consider new weapons of war against the alien.

Pictured below is a marvellous tunnelling device, used to insert squads of bold ether-soldiers behind the enemy's lines. Imagine the surprise of Johnny Moonman when this monster drives up from under into his rear echelon! Spin on that, foe of Britain!


Also pictured below is Edward Two Hundred and Nine, a warbot used in the storming of Verdigris. Thanks to the finest in preservative technology, the depicted machine is steered by the brain of an otherwise-deceased marine, preserved in a complex chemical solution previously used only for frogs and gherkins. Note the attractive decorative work and optional trophy heads. Attack!


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