Sons of Empire!

An informative Pictograph concerning chiefly Warhammer 40,000's Legion of Illustrious Space Victorians! (Warning: Also contains divers depictions of Johnny Alien and criminal foreigners of varying sorts. Serious risk of fainting for ladies and the mentally infirm.)

Location: United Kingdom

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Some new pictorials from across our fine space empire. Firstly, a young lady consults her watch, to check that space is running according to Grenwich Mean Time.

Below, the remarkable science of "bionics" is put to splendid and subtle effect to get this noble fellow back on the field of battle. Who would guess that he was half mechanical and now almost entirely bulletproof! Unstoppable in combat and a real eye-turner at soirees: what gentleman could want more?

And Finally, below, two of his imperial majesty's stalwart servants. To the left is Sir Runcible Fairbairn, Master of Machines, equipped with his all-purpose engineering suit and his dual-purpose Differential Gauging Tool and hitting stick. On the right stands brother-captain McGonagall, whisky enthusiast and bard, threatening something with his power-claymore in a righteous, if inebriated, rage. Thus the pair join the rest of the chapter to stride forth to punt some alien posterior.


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